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Sharknado (2013) – How many innocent braincells had to die while watching this?

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Category: Natural Disaster/Action
Actors: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, Aubrey Peeples
Duration: 86 min
Rated: TV-14
Channel: SYFY

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Lake Placid (1999), Snakes on A Plane (2006)

Long Story Short: L.A. is having the worst storm of all times, which causes everything to be flooded, but that’s not all. Thousands of sharks are on land now, terrorizing and killing everyone. In the middle of these events is Fin (Ian Ziering), who owns a bar at the beach. Together with his waitress Nova (Cassie Scerbo) – who has a thing for him – he is trying to get to Beverly Hills to safe his wife (Tara Reid) and daughter (Aubrey Peeples).

Review: So the movie started and the first thing we see is this huge tornado across the ocean, sucking up water and sharks, turning into a Sharknado. Wow, so the title definitely didn’t fool us.

Then I saw something that totally turned my stomach, “The Asylum Productions”. For everyone who doesn’t know about this company, they produce low-budget movies, which look very similar to current Hollywood productions, also known as mockbusters. For example, not too long ago they released a movie called Atlantic Rim, two days ago Pacific Rim started in the movies. Another example, Paranormal Activity became Paranormal Entity. As bad and cheap their productions might be, they always manage to make some profit, which doesn’t make any sense to me, because if you have seen one of their movies you want to stab your eyeballs out, that’s how bad they are.

Anyway, back to the movie. Surprisingly we have two actors who deliver a decent performance, Ian Ziering – known for the Original 90210 – and Cassie Scerbo. And then there is the wannabe- actor who can’t act, but is known enough to be the headliner of the movie: In this case it’s Tara Reid. The rest doesn’t even need to be mentioned.
I got totally confused about the beginning, where we see an Asian guy trying to buy a boat from a ship owner in the middle of the ocean during a storm, they argue over the price, and the captain is blabbering something about 25,000 sharks, but they both die. The rest of the movie doesn’t have anything to do with this scene, so was this just a filler? Then we see Tara Reid’s garden which is completely flooded, but her house is as dry as fresh diaper.
The writing is horrible, the dialogues are random, no one can act besides two people, and on top of that we have plot holes in a movie that doesn’t even have a story. Well, I guess they succeeded in something! They even talk about a sequel, because so many people have watched it.

A lot of people compare Sharknado to Snakes On A Plane, but I have to admit, I quite enjoyed Snakes On A Plane. Sure, it was a no- brainer with a thin storyline and silly dialogues, but compared to Sharknado it made much more sense and was entertaining. However, i don’t want to be too hateful; Sharknado had one or two okay graphic effects, and the totally over-the top ending made me laugh.

Rating: 3/10

*****THIS REVIEW WAS REQUESTED BY SHERRYN DANIEL, check out her Blog, she has some great reviews about food, celebs, and things and topics from all around the world! Just click here


  1. I have been warned about so many shark movies, and after watching Sharktopus, I began taking them very seriously 😀 I see here is another one to that list of warning 🙂

    But I did like Lake Placid and Snakes on A Plane.

  2. I started watching this movie when it came out and it was so stupid I quit it… I can’t believe you made it all the way through it. On another note, the other day I watched a TERRIBLE Tara Reid movie called Devil’s Pond… thoughts coming out shortly after Shitfest…. (even though it would belong in Shitfest)

    • Well, it was a request, so I kind of had to fight my way through it. 😀 Devil’s Pond, I have blurry memories of it… My brain tried to erase all of it though… LoL…

  3. I feel so honored! Thank you for the mention, your so cool!! I read your movie reviews–ALOT now :). Also, after reading your review, I’m not even sure if I want to see Sharknado. Why do so many celebrities love it??? You are spot on about “Twisted”. Why is ABC Family dragging it so much? Did you already write a review on The Fosters?

    • I am not sure why these celebrities watched it. I think Mia Farrow started tweeting about it, then a few followed, Patton Oswalt said Ian Ziering carried the movie, which I agree with. Tara Reid tweeted, of course, blabbering something about , “I’m just so glad that people saw the humor in it that I did … because it’s hilarious”… Umm, no she probably just saw how many people poked fun at her acting and than she reacted that way! 😀
      I would suggest that the celebrities who supported it were friends with some of the actors, and the other tweeters were people that usually tweet anyway.
      It is by far not the worst movie I have seen, however, the “It’s so bad that it’s actually good”- theory doesn’t apply – but does it ever? I would rather watch Sharknado again before I give Spring Breakers a second chance! This was the longest review I have written in a while, so there is at least a lot to talk about after watching it! 😀

      Yeah, I have a review about The Fosters right here

      I also reviewed Twisted, Devious Maids and a few others right after they aired. Orphan Black is also a must see!

      Thanks for commenting, I am glad you liked it!

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