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10 of The Best Movies of 2013

Sure, we all know Man of Steel was a great comeback for Superman, Catching Fire was even better than The Hunger Games, and 12 Years a Slave will definitely see some Oscars. So I am pretty sure I don’t need to point out the obvious. That’s why I picked a few titles that might have been neglected this year, and a few that have been big surprises.

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Side Effects

The Way Way Back

A teenage boy has to go on a vacation with his mother and her new boyfriend and his daughter. Feeling neglected by his mother, who seems to still trying to find herself, he starts working at a public pool and befriends the owner, who shows more interest in him than his mother or her boyfriend.

I think it is hard to find a movie starring Toni Collette that is actually bad, and The Way Way Back doesn’t suck either. I would even take it a step further and call it one of the best coming-of-age movies that have been released within the last few years. The actors show a lot of commitment and it isn’t hard to relate the main characters.

The Conjuring

The Heat

Fruitvale Station

Beautiful Creatures

Ethan wants nothing more but to escape from a small in South Carolina. When he meets the quiet and mysterious Lena, he instantly knows that she is the girl he has been dreaming about for quite a while. They fall in love with each other. But Lena has a secret that might not allow them to stay together. Is their love doomed?

This was the only Young Adult Novel – adaptation besides The Hunger Games that I actually enjoyed. It had committed and talented actors, a very complex and interesting storyline, and great character development. I honestly didn’t want it to end, and I was looking forward to seeing the next part. Unfortunately it didn’t do too well at the box office. So there won’t be a second adaptation. 😦

Behind The Candelabra
Behind The Candelabra



What do you think? Do You agree? Well, I already know one of my dear blogger friends wouldn’t agree with Trance, I am talking to you Abbi 😀 But that’s why I love blogging: There are so many interesting opinions out there, and this is a way to get to know a few.

So, please share your thoughts with me.


    • I lost faith in Michael Douglas, too, but that was a really strong comeback. It used to be bad for an actor’s image if he took a role portraying a gay person, but now it’s a proof at how multifarious they are. I am glad time’s have changed…! About The Conjuring: It is a very griping and atmospheric supernatural thriller and knowing that the it is based on a true story and the facts are mostly very true makes it even scarier. I wouldn’t say it had one of the scariest scenes ever, but it definitely made me feel a little uneasy every now and then! 😀

  1. Hahahahha! Love the personal shout out. I didn’t like Trance. I can see why loads of people did though. I also hated Beautiful Creatures but that’s probably because I read the book and they changed everything for the worse. Lol! You’ve got some great picks here though, some of which I still need to see!

    • You are welcome! 😀 I love how you talked about Rosario’s vagina… I couldn’t breath! I haven’t read the book of Beautiful Creatures, I guess that’s why it didn’t do so well. I understand that. Maybe I have to read the books now! 😀 Thank you, Abbi!

      • Hahahahha…well sometimes a movie can have a little too much vagina! The first book is good but then they get progressively worse…

  2. Side Effects was amazing. Didn’t expect so many plot twists, definitely one of the surprises of 2013. I put my list together, going to publish it tomorrow don’t forget to check it out and see what you agree with! Happy New Year.

  3. I have watched only The Conjuring and Gravity in that list, and they are in my top 10 as well as top 5 🙂 May be they will release the rest of the movies here in 2014 or might be premiered on tv 😀

    I can only wish that they had released Beautiful Creatures here instead of Mortal Instruments 😉

    • Yes, I was lucky enough to see it on the Big screen, and it really took me by surprise.

      Well, I am not sure they will show Behind The Candelabra on Indian TV, but it is not a MUST SEE- must see. I only heard the name Liberace before I have seen the movie, but couldn’t associate anything with it. And I am sure I would still live happily had I not known about his life! Hahahaaha! But I was definitely impressed by the outstanding performances by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, which made it a really impressive movie.

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