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31 Days of Halloween: A complete List of Horror Movies for each day of October

So last month I have been posting scary movie reviews every day so you could start watching my recommendations in October. Unfortunately I have been very preoccupied last week, but the list is now complete and you can check it out.

You might notice that not all of them are typical horror movies that someone would watch on Halloween, but I believe that Halloween is all about terror, fear and a gripping atmosphere, and all of my recommendations will deliver that. I was very versatile with my selection, and I am sure there is something for everyone included.

For the complete review and rating of a movie please click on the title. Also check out my article The Sad Transformation of The Horror Genre

Thank you and enjoy!

1. The Descent

2. The Shining

3. The Silence of The Lambs
4. Dead Silence
Dead Silence

5. Trick’ R Treat
6. Sinister

7. The Ring
8. Mirrors

9. It
IT movie cover

10. The Hills Have Eyes

11. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

12. Orphan

13. A Nightmare on Elm Street

14. Fallen

15. The Strangers
str_fs_hp_041608.qxd:Layout 1

16. Insidious

17. Drag Me To Hell

18. The Sixth Sense

19. Frailty

20. Saw

21. Scream

22. Pet Sematary

23. Mine Games

24. Fragile

25. Friday the 13th

26. The Craft

27. Psycho

28. The Pact

29. Child’s Play

30. The Exorcist

31. Halloween


  1. Dear SYFY I would love to see one movie this Halloween Dawn Of The Dead the original 1979 not the up to date one the remake duck’s Thank You

    • I would say yes, because it caught me by surprise, and the thought of being trapped in the dark frightens me. Thank you, I am glad you like it! 😀 What is your favorite scary movie?

  2. I have forgotten most of The Descent, and I need to watch Dead Silence, It, Sinister, H20, Fallen, Insidious, Frailty, Fragile, Mine Games and The Craft 😀 Thats quite a long list, & I felt that The Pact could have dealt with the theme better.

    • Make sure you watch them at night, I made the mistake and watched Insidious on a bright day, and thought it was very bad, but after re-watching it at night, I enjoyed it. 😀 Well, that is a long list, hope you have fun… let me know if you liked them.
      The Pact could have been different and they could have changed a lot to make it better, but I really appreciated the effort that was put into it. It was a bit confusing and strange at times, but I liked it. A good independent film…

      • I am looking forward to such a night 😀 Its good that you people have Halloween there, which we don’t celebrate here. Its that celebration which I adore 😀

      • Ha, yeah moved here two years ago, and just experiencing all the hype about it. People are planning their costumes months in advance, it’s like an extra holiday.

      • Halloween has its fans here, but no followers. I guess it is too dark for this part of this world, and people would prefer if the “evil devilish thing” as they consider it, stay in the movies 😀

      • I understand that, too. I mean spirits are not to be messed with! But challenging your fears is a great thing. I will go to a haunted house for the first time this year. Well, it artificially haunted and there are actors in in, but you know what I mean.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised with what can happen here though; as who would have thought there would be multiplexes here from 2010, looking around in the 2000s? I would say all those are not far away either 😀

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