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White House Down VS. Olympus Has Fallen


People keep comparing White House Down and Olympus Have Fallen with each other, but is it really necessary? Yes they have similar plots, but if we have a closer look the only similarity they have is that the White House is being attacked by terrorists, and one man has to rescue the president. Circumstances and plot development, however, are different. But since everyone is debating about this topic, I will give it a try, too. 🙂

I have read many bad reviews about White House Down just because the reviewers thought that it was a cheap copy of Olympus Has Fallen.
First of all I believe that it isn’t necessarily a copy if you get inspiration from other peoples work and create your own piece. I mean Safe Haven was obviously inspired by Sleeping With the Enemy and yet it turned out to be a good movie with its own conclusion, so what’s wrong about that? Many songs have similar melodies or beats but still sound different, what’s the harm?
Second, I wouldn’t call it a “cheap” copy since they have spend more than twice as much then what was spent on Olympus.
Third, only because a movie was released earlier doesn’t mean that it is an original. The script for both movies have been delivered around the same time, and happened to have a similar idea.

Now let’s have a look at a few aspects of the movies.

The Plot: None of the movies deliver a deep plot that will make you think at the end, but that is not the point for an action movie anyway. In my opinion White House has a more interesting plot, while Olympus makes your mind drift off every now and then.
WINNER: White House Down

Action: White House Down is exciting and filled with action from beginning to end and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Olympus Has Fallen has more intense fighting scenes but is lacking in special effects.
WINNER: White House Down

The Heroes: Gerard Butler is a very believable hero; he is good- looking, sexy – especially when we remember him in 300 – and can act. But Channing Tatum is an all American dream boy, got charisma and is memorable in almost all of his roles.
WINNER: White House Down, but this one was very close!


The President: Gerard Butler is the most boring president I have ever seen, but Jamie Foxx is refreshing and smooth. I wonder if people are so upset about Jamie Foxx playing the president because he is black, after all black presidents are very rare in movies.
WINNER: White House Down

Whitehouse Down Trailer 8


So what we have are two entertaining movies but White House Down is definitely the winner when it comes to action, special effects and style.

What Do you think? I am curious about your thoughts!

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