Worst Movies of 2013

These are either the worst, most horrible, senseless and stupidest movies I have seen, or just huge disappointments that didn’t reach up to the hype that they created. And I am pretty sure this list is going to grow: …oh and there is no ranking, after all, they are all pretty bad.

Evil Dead:
The highly anticipated remake of the 80’s horror flick, that had build up quite a fan community, failed in almost every angle: Bad storyline, horrible acting, and over-the top gore that was supposed to cover up the non-existing plot and lifeless characters. It might have been led the domestic box office for the opening weekend, but from there it just went down. Evil Dead has impressive gore effects, but you can forget the rest.



What was meant to be a thought provoking Indie teenage drama turned out to be yet another weird hand-held camera movie that lacks not only in creativity but also in sense and meaning.

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No One Lives:


Probably the weakest WWE release I have seen so far, even though it came with the most interesting storyline and really good actors. How did they mess this one up?

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InAPPropriate Comedy:


This was not inappropriate, it was offensive in the worst kind of way. There is nothing positive I can say about this movie, it insulted my brain. Whoever helped creating this movie deserves a spot in the Hall of Shame.

Scary Movie 5:


Untalented writers, bad actors, and for being a parody it didn’t have any memorable moments. I think I smiled twice, but that’s about it. It’s not worth taking anybody’s time.

Spring Breakers:


Young chicks that run around in bikinis killing people, a Caucasian gangster that acts like he is some wannabe thug, wearing a grill and braids, dialogues that were exchanged with random pseudo poetry that doesn’t make any sense… I know, it doesn’t even sound bad, but it is. I had such high expectations for this movie, but it turned out to be a waste of time!

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I am not even sure why this movie was made. It is completely meaningless, and it gives the two leading actresses a bad name. And this comes from a director who made movies like Scarface and Mission Impossible.

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The only thing i liked about this so-called thriller: it was colorful and had nice food-shots. But I can watch the Food Network for that.

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Tyler Perry’s Temptation – Confessions Of a Marriage Counselor:


I like Tyler Perry but this movie was a huge disappointment. The story had no depth, and even the actors didn’t seem to know what their character’s motivation was, so it ended up in a disaster.

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sharknado-poster.jpg w=240&h=344

One good actor can’t carry a whole tragedy of a movie. The subplot at the beginning wasn’t connected to the story at all and the actors were highly unmotivated. Now they try to defend themselves by saying it was all meant to be funny. Oh well.

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