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The Hate U Give (2018) – Deeply Disturbing. Deeply Touching. Deeply Honest.



Cast: Amanda Stenberg, Regina Hall, Russel Hornsby, Common, Lamar Johnson, KJ Apa, Algee Smith, Issa Rae, Anthony Macie, Sabrina Carpenter

Genre: Drama

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Long Story Short:

When a black teenager gets shot by a cop, Starr, the only eye witness, has to decide if she will speak up about what she saw or stay quiet.

I have bought the book last year and was about half way through when the movie came out.

As I started watching, the characters did not quite look like I initially imagined them, especially Starr’s father and Mother, or any of the police staff. However, every important message I read in the book was transferred to the movie.

Soon the actors became the characters of the book, and I was glued to the screen. The movie was as engaging and powerful as the book itself.

I cried out loud during the final scenes. This movie is so deep.

The story is so real and simple like life itself: it’s a story that we witness almost every other day. At a time and age where we are able to see the tragedies and injustice that happen to unarmed people of color, we can’t be silent any more. We need to talk about it, we need to discuss what we can do about it.

I have had this conversation with many people who didn’t get it: When someone says black lives matter, it doesn’t mean that nothing or no one else matters. It’s a cry for help and outrage for those lives that have mattered but couldn’t be saved due to reasons that many can’t say out loud: Racism or simply the fear or blackness and brownness. And even though it is clear what happened there is hardly any justice.

If anyone actually takes offense in pro- black statements, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.
If a non-black person acts black, but is scared of black people, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.
Listening to Hip Hop, embracing black culture, but not standing up for it…?! Pathetic.

If anyone calls this movie anti-white propaganda, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.
If anyone calls this movie anti police propaganda, THEY ARE THE PRBLEM.

In a scene Starr’s uncle who is a cop, actually defends the action of police officers who may have had their reasons for killing someone who is unarmed.  It was a very emotional conversation and i actually held my breath.

The Hate U Give is full of teachable moments and an amazing cast, and it’s a shame it didn’t score better in the movie theaters. WHY WASN’T MORE MONEY INVESTED TO PROMOTE THIS MOVIE? I am aware that our society cares more about making money off of comic book adaptations than movies that can actually make a change, but I thought I should still point out this problem.

Story Development: 9/10
Character Development: 9/10
Script: 9/10
Relevance: 10/10
Cast: 9/10
Cinematography: 6/10
Book Adaptation:
Soundtrack: 10/10
Ending: 9/10
Overall Impression: 9/10

My Rating:  8.7/10

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