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Unsettling, Frightening, Shocking, Sickening, Disturbing – 10 Movies I would Never Watch Twice

In the past few years I have come across many highly acclaimed movies that turned out to be huge disappointments. Some were too simple, others too complex, didn’t make any sense, or were just plain boring.

Then there are movies that are just deeply disturbing and don’t have any redeeming quality to someone who is looking for a sign of hope or beauty. They end on the same gut wrenching note as they start. Yes, they may be master pieces in their own kind of way, but they have not been made to be watched twice. The following list contains exactly those kind of movies, and in many cases I am wondering, ‘Why have they even been made?’:

Disclaimer: Despite the brilliant performances, who even won awards, and the fact that many of my fellow bloggers praise some of these titles, I cannot recommend any of these movies, because I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like I felt watching them.

1.Requiem for A Dream (2000)

This is easily one of the most shocking and disturbing movies I have seen in my entire life, mainly because it seems so real. I respect Darren Aronofsky as a director, and all of his movies are nothing less but brilliant as far as the cinematography and intensity goes. He has a talent to create thought provoking movies that stick with you.

Requiem for A Dream evolves around several people that are into deep with their drug addictions. Their stories are terrifying, and the actors deliver the performances of their lives. The shock value ranges from someone talking to a refrigerator, to another person getting their arm amputated, or starts selling their body and do things that are beyond degrading.  The way this movie is shot it makes the viewer feel deeply involved in each characters situation, which makes it even more horrifying.

I actually had to stop several times to catch a breath until I finished it.

It’s a very impressive movie, however the thought of it makes my stomach turn.

2.An American Crime (2007)

The true story of one of the most unspeakable and despicable crimes in American history. In 1965 a Gertrude Baniszweksi agrees to take care of a couple of carnival workers’ two daughters for 20$ per week. When one of the payments is late the horror begins: At first she punishes both girls, then she focuses on just one and does things to her no one can even imagine.

The crime itself is already sickening, making a movie is even worse. While most acts of torture only slightly shown, the simple thought of what this girl has been through made it unbearable for me to watch.
Ellen Page as the victim and Catherine Keener as her torturer give amazing performances.

However, I still feel sick thinking about it. Never again.

3.Monster (2003)

Another true story: After being brutally raped, Aileen Wuornos, played by Charlize Theron, becomes a serial killer. Until the day of her execution she claimed that the 7 men she had killed,have been killed in self defense because they attempted to rape her.

The rape scene is simply disgusting, it stuck with me for weeks, and I couldn’t help but wonder why was she to blame for the things some have been done to her, and executed. Her actions were the result of an act of violence. She may or may not have become delusional afterwards, but I don’t think she deserved to die.

Chalize Theron won an Oscar for best actress, well deserved.

4.Tusk (2014)


Tusk is the story of an arrogant podcaster who travels to Canada to interview a mysterious recluse… who has an odd obsession for walruses… and turns his guest into one.

While it was meant to be a comedy, I found this movie to be deeply disturbing and not funny at all. And the end? How is this funny?


5.Mysterious Skin (2004)

A teenage hustler is trying to uncover the truth about the events that occurred when he was 8 years, and haunt him until the very day, even though he doesn’t remember what actually happened.

Not knowing what I got myself into besides a drama with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I was introduced to a world of humiliation and emotional pain. Despite the amazing acting I couldn’t help but finding myself totally speechless and disturbed.

It’s been a while since I have seen this movie, I blanked many scenes out, but I remember a moment, where the main character Neil meets up with a client who started beating him with a shampoo bottle until he was almost unconscious.

6.Irreversible (2002)


A movie about several terrible events during a night in Paris, told in a reverse chronological order.

A 9-minutes rape scene, a man’s skull being bashed in amongst many other disgusting scenes makes this another movie I wouldn’t watch again, even if I was paid for it.

7.Haute Tension (High Tension) (2003)


Marie and Alexia decide to spend a quiet weekend at Alexia’s parents’ secluded farmhouse. But on the night of their arrival, someone breaks into the house and the peaceful weekend turns into a night of terror.

The French definitely don’t shy away from gory, nasty, filthy elements in horror movies, and Haute Tension is a prime example.

This is the only movie on the list I watched more than once, because I was trying to find clues that lead the the major twist at the end. Back in 2003 it was actually a twist no one saw coming but these days it’s not hard to guess how it ends.


8.American Psycho (2000)


Based on the book of the same name American Psycho tells the story of an investment banker, who turns into a psychopathic killer at night. But soon his two lives can’t be kept separate anymore, as his urges to kill become stronger and more random.

Christian Bale plays this cruel monster down to perfection, and I could never quite warm up to him in any of his other roles.

9.Mother! (2017)

A couples peace and quiet is disturbed when two strangers ask to stay with them.

What starts as a slow thriller turns into a chaotic and frightening mess that leaves the viewer with a lot of questions.

Once again, Darren Aronofsky manages to draw the audience into a world full of tragedy and intensity. We feel for the protagonist and wonder how she will get out of this very confusing situation. The cinematography is stunning.
As expected the sick and twisted ending is hard to forget.

10.Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)


“In the falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.” (Source: IMBD)

While this is actually harmless compared to the previous titles, it is not less depressing. The entire time I was hoping that the frightening and dark story would lead to a somewhat hopeful ending. But that wasn’t delivered.

The cinematography is brilliant, the actors deliver, but it is deeply saddening. Despite what I said at the beginning, this is the only movie I can actually recommend watching because it is powerful, and not constantly making one run away or hide.




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