My Rating System

Here is what it means when I give a certain rating:

1-2/10Stay away from this movie because there is no way someone might actually enjoy it unless he/she is a fan of these type of movies or maybe supports an actor, director etc.

3-4/10You must be fan of this particular topic, genre or a certain actor, director etc. in order like this.

5/10A movie to watch when there’s nothing else to do. Most likely a no brainer without a wow factor but in the end not a bad watch.

6/10Give it a shot, you might like it

7/10Definitely worth a watch

8/10Watch it

9-10/10Watch it and buy it for your movie collection

Also check the movie comparisons I include in each review at the beginning. For example if you liked When a Man Lovess a Woman you probably like Flight.


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