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To all my followers, friends and fans who don’t follow me on Twitter:

I am very sorry that I have been AWOL for so long, but I had an injury on my back; as it turned out I had two dislocated disks. One of them showed a bulge which caused pressure on a nerve in my neck, and that caused me a serious headache. It was a very painful time.
For two weeks the doctors focused on my terrible migraine and neglected where it actually came from, I even had a spinal puncture (lumbar) because one of the doctors in the E.R. thought I could have meningitis. When not even morphine helped to lower the pain I went to a chiropractor who ordered an MRI which finally helped determinate what I had. I am scheduled for four to five weeks of physical therapy, and I can already feel the results.
I am thankful to every doctor I have seen, especially the ones at the student health care center of SIUC here in Carbondale, IL. Everyone is very sweet and helpful in their own way.

The E.R., however, left a sour taste in my mouth after receiving bills of almost 10,000 $. It appears to me that you really have to be rich in order to be healthy in the U.S. Coming from Europe where health care is not a privilege but basically a right, this seems completely ridiculous to me. As far as I know my international insurance will cover those fees (fingers crossed), but they, too, will get the shock of their lives once they see those numbers, I am sure.

I am feeling better every day, and ready to review more movies for you. But it might take another week or two since sitting in front of the screen for longer than fifteen minutes is still messing with my head. So please bear with me and keep spreading the word about this blog, because there are good things to come.

At last I have one more thing I can be thankful for is having my better half, who took great care of me. The worst part was seeing him standing in the doorway helplessly as I was turning back and forth tortured with pain that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. On top of taking care of me and worrying, he had to work on his senior collection of dresses, which will be showcased during a runway show at the end of April and takes a lot of time and effort. If there is a video you will see it! In the meanwhile please feel free to checkout his home page which will be updated very soon.

Thank you for all of your support! Even though I haven’t uploaded anything recently, SimonSaysWatchThis got many clicks and followers, which tells me I am doing something right! 😀

I wish you guys all the best and talk to you all soon…

My Love and appreciation goes out to you.



  1. Dear Simon,
    Es tut mir leid!
    I experienced a similar situation and know how painful losing your lumbars –whether they are pinched or the discs explode. Hope your recovery is quick and you learn to live with the pain. Keep stretching and moving, low impact. It was hard for me to alter my life style after my situation. I had been a cyclist and runner.
    Anyway, I don’t watch much T.V. so I enjoy your movie posts and thank you for visiting my blog regularly.

    • Danke liebe Cindy! Luckily it is nothing permantly, so I was promised I can start working out again very soon. 😀 But I will never forget the pain. My dad had a triple slipped disk so I can only imagine in how much pain he or you were. I wish you all the best, and thanks for following my blog. Whenever I come across yours I can always find something interesting! Keep it up! Liebe Gruesse

  2. Get well soon 🙂
    Here too, you have to be rich to be healthy enough. The ever-rising hospital bills have become normal here.

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