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Reasonable Doubt (2014) – Not The Best Thriller But Samuel L. Jackson never Disappoints

reasonable-doubt-posterCategory: Thriller
Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Erin Karpluk, Gloria Reuben
Duration: 91 min
Rated: R

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Lakeview Terrace(2008)

Long Story Short:
A district attorney hits a pedestrian while driving through downtown Chicago, calls 911 and flees the crime scene. The next morning he sees on the news that someone is being convicted for murdering the pedestrian that he left behind the night before. Should he confess, defend the man whose apparently being charged for his crime, or just stay away?

I think Samuel L. Jackson likes acting so much, that every now and then he even settles for movies that people probably won’t pay attention to, like straight-to-DVD-releases. Or do you remember the movies Lakeview Terrace (2008) and Unthinkable (2010)? If you do, you are either a movie buff or a Samuel L. Jackson fan. If you don’t know either of them you might want to give them a shot, because they are not bad.

The atmosphere of the movie is dark and intense and kept me interested even though the biggest twist is revealed after less than half way through the movie. Samuel L. Jackson is playing his part down to a tee, and Dominic cooper as his opponent does a wonderful job as well. Also, Erin Karpluk and Gloria Reuben were convincing despite their little roles. I am pretty sure that the movie couldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for the great cast. The storyline, however, lacks a little in depth and could have been covered in an episode of Criminal Minds in my opinion. But then again, I love Criminal Minds, so I didn’t mind watching something like an unrated or R-rated episode of it.

Reasonable Doubt lacks in story but brings a strong cast to the table, so it might not stick with you for while but you won’t regret watching it either.

P.S.: The trailer gives away the major twist, so stay away from it! You might like it even more then. You’re welcome. 😀

Rating 5.5/10


  1. Thanks for the review on this. I hadn’t heard of this movie. I agree, cast is everything. I just finished reading a great thriller, “Chasing A Miracle” by Eliot Hartford Bailey (, book one in a trilogy. The story line was great! I could definitely see this one made into a movie and would love this cast to play in it- I LOVE Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper!

    • I have watched the trailer and it looked decent to me, liked the movie, too, but like I said I would have enjoyed it more had I not know what happened…. It’s like Wild Things with Neve Campbell… If you have seen the trailer you don’t need to watch the movie.

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