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Darkroom (2013) – What was the Point?

Category: Thriller/Horror
Actors: Kaylee DeFer, Elisabeth Röhm, Christian Campbell, Tobias Segal, Britne Oldford
Duration: 80 min
Rated: R

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See No Evil (2006), Hostel 3 (2011)

Long Story Short:
Fresh out of rehab, Michelle gets offered a modeling job in an abandoned mansion by her counselor, who happens to know the photographer. But instead of a professional photo shoot she finds herself in her personal hell.

What can one expect from a a movie that isn’t even 80 minutes long if we don’t count the end credits? Obviously not too much.
While Darkroom tries to build up as much back story as possible about the protagonist, it fails by delivering a meaningful storyline, believable characters, interesting dialogues, and a decent ending. There is an explanation why poor Michelle is going through all this terror, but that information is just sloppily placed in the movie, and it is a little questionable, at least the way it is presented. The major issue with this movie is probably the lack of interest one develops for the protagonist Michelle, I couldn’t care less about her or anyone else in this movie. Acting wise I would say the job was delivered as well as possible, given the fact that the script was pretty bad. The transformation of the basic idea, however, could have been very intriguing, had the budget been used for something other than gore and makeup. And since we are talking about a low budget production, those effects aren’t that great either.
The quality of the movie isn’t bad, and the actors could have given a great performance. But, as always, everything starts with the script, and that was flat and uncreative. If I were you, I would pass!

Rating: 3.5/10


    • LoL, thank you! I actually it’s a waste of money to produce a movie that has absolutely no meaning, but someone must have seen potential in it….Yes, amazon prime is really useful. I have recently noticed that I can watch almost every concert for free as a prime member. Thanks for commenting, friend!

    • Well, Netflix is one way, another one is Hulu or amazon (prime members can watch certain shows and movies for free), sometimes or often you can find movies and tv-shows on youtube, not sure if that is legal or not, but it’s on the one who publishes it and not me, LoL… Or I just watch it on regular TV. Oh yeah, and sometimes they are available online on some stream sites, but even though it is for free it’s not always safe, you could catch a virus like that.

  1. My first thought was that the lady on the poster was Amber Heard. That would have interested me 😀 May be I will still come across this one in the future 🙂

    • It is true, she looks like her,,, but trust me when you hear her raspy voice you will know it is not her, hahahaha! I haven’t really followed Amber Heard’s work that much… is it worth it?

      • I like some of the movies, but she looks great in each of them – I have felt that she is the perfect person for a horror movie 😀
        My favourite is The Stepfather, i think. Liked The Ward, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and Drive Angry too, not by much though 🙂

      • She has that look of the mysterious beauty – especially like how she appears All the Boys Love Mandy Lane; she is clearly suited for that kind of role.

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