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Last Shift (2014) – Low Budget Horror of Good Quality


Category: Mystery/Horror
Actors: Juliana Harkavy, Joshua Mikel, J. LaRose, Natalie Victoria, Sarah Sculco, Kathryn Kilger, Mary Lankford Poiley

Duration: 90 min
Rated: R

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Long Story Short:
Jessica’s first shift as a cop is by herself at night in the local police station that is shutting down. But she is not alone; strange things start to happen and The Last Shift turns into a living nightmare.

Last Shift is very atmospheric right from the start. As soon as you start watching you know what you get yourself into. Most of the time you will follow the protagonist as she basically tries to survive her first night shift, tormented by visions and spirits that seem to be not just her imagination playing tricks on her.

Juliana Harkavy does a very nice job selling us her character who is still trying to cope with her father’s death who died while on police duty, and wants nothing more than to be as good at her job as he was.

The (talking) supporting characters are luckily not as important because their performance is rather one dimensional. It gets creepy at times and also very gory, but never unbearable. I was expecting a low budget movie with little acting and lots of fake blood, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was definitely entertained.

Horror movies don’t always have to be intriguing or have a very deep story line. In this case, don’t expect a masterpiece either; but expect a movie that takes great use of simple premise. Just lean back and enjoy the creep factor.

Great for Halloween.

Rating: 5.5/10


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