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The To-Do-List (2013) – Immature American Pie – Knock off

Category: Comedy
Actors: Aubrey Plaza, Johnny Simmons, Bill Hader
Duration: 104 min
Rated: R

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Long Story Short:
Set in 1993, Brandy finds herself with an outstanding high school diploma, but a lack of social and sexual experience. So she creates a To-Do-List with sexual positions and techniques in order to gain experience and finally lose her virginity to the guy of her dreams.

First of all I, loved the time setting which totally came off as a movie from the 90’s; the clothes, the looks, the make-up, the hair, everything was on point. I never heard of Aubrey Plaza before, but I am sure she delivered a decent performance given that the script was simple and lacked in creativity. I don’t mind raunchy comedies, but this one didn’t just pushed the limits of good taste, it was simply not needed. I couldn’t find any original idea besides the setting, but I can watch an original for that. When the movie ended I was wondering why this movie was even made. All I got was a cool soundtrack, a time setting of a nice era, and one or two laughs, but I also could have saved two hours of my life and done something meaningful like NOT writing how bad it was! 😀 The To-Do-List has its pros and cons but mainly cons, which are a lack of everything. However, if you are a fan of immature sexual and crude sense of humor, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Rating: 4/10


  1. Aubrey Plaza is pretty funny on “Parks and Recreation”. I wanted to see this movie for awhile but now i’m not so sure. Though this does not relate to this article, I found “East is East” on Netflix and I will watch it soon. I know you give that movie high reviews and you did write an awesome review on it for my website :)!
    Hope you have been doing well Simon!!

    • Yes, I have been doing well, a few challenges here and there, but otherwise splendid! 😀 What about you? I hope you enjoy East is East, let me know what you think after watching it! Like I already said, it was an honor to write for you! 😀
      See, I didn’t know that she is in Parks and Recreation. She seems like a decent actress, but the movie wasn’t in my opinion. This is one of those movies you turn back as an actor one day and think, “Damn, did I really do that?” LoL

      • LOL about Aubrey Plaza! I’m glad life is going well for you too! Sorry I am getting back to you so late, I came back awhile back from New Mexico! I was on vacation! I have been catching up on your entries and I am impressed with your following, Great job!!!

      • Oh, why, thank you! 😀 I have been really busy, too, which is why it hard for me to catch up on everything. I am writing a book and that takes up a lot of time. My laptop broke and I am doomed to write at home on my desktop, where it is hard to get inspiration from sometimes, since it is just too relaxing! 😀 How was New Mexico?

      • It’s so cool that you are writing a book! I am sure it will be a best seller!! I know what you mean about blogging at home. I do my best blogging at Panera or Starbucks! New Mexico was amazing!! I visited Roswell and loved how the area was a lot like the show 🙂

      • Thank you, that is so sweet of you. I hope I will have it finished soon. Right now a lot of characters get a back story! Oh wow, really? That sounds so exciting. I wanna go, too one day!

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